Unique Jewelry

Something For Everyone

Find unique jewelry at Raphael B. Studio. We carry a wide selection of pieces that you will fall in love with. We have several designer jewelry lines as well as custom made pieces in Silver, Gold, Palladium, and Platinum. We aim to bring you jewelry that is eclectic, yet timeless. Edgy, yet contemporary. We carry a full gamut of modern jewelry trends, custom cut stones and mixed materials and metals. Find something small or flashy in our large selection of individually hand-picked pieces.

We also have many estate jewelry pieces and charms!

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Jewelry Facelift

Do you have jewelry that you are no longer wearing? Or pieces of jewelry that you have inherited or no longer like the style? Let us redesign your jewelry using the materials you already have to make something new you will want to wear everyday.

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Engagement Rings

We utilize the CAD/CAM services and manufacturing expertise from a local, family-owned business, Byard F. Brogan, founded in 1908. We can create a design you have in your head, hand drawn, or from a photo you’ve seen on social media. We also have samples of many popular styles for you to try on.

Some of Our Unique Pieces:

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